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Academy 2016-17

Congratulations on your Decision to join DMS

YOUR commitment and dedication to the DMS Soccer Vision continues to make our program a growing success year after year after year. As we begin to look forward, DMS Soccer remains committed to grow and strengthen each year.

As we move into our 11th year we have changed our fee structure to provide a better economic structure to our program.  Each team will be implementing the desired amount of soccer for their team, which will be led by the Head Coach.  Since we have seen such an improvement in our teams that train 3 times per week, we will be implementing 3 training sessions for all teams.  They will also have 1 performance session every other week.  Each team will be able to choose how many tournaments, outdoor leagues and indoor leagues they would like to OPT into based on a majority vote by the team. 

Each tournament and league will have an associated cost which will cover the fees of the tournament as well as the travel for the coach for that specific event.  The Head Coach will be responsible for the meeting in early September to discuss and layout the training, tournament and league play.  Once it is agreed upon by the Head Coach/DMS Administration and majority each player will be responsible for those fees associated for tournament and league play.  

Returning Member Tuition Fee:  $1,799

New Member Tuition Fee; $1,999

There will be no exceptions after the May 31st time frame for returning members.

What does you tuition cover?

What does your tuition fee cover?  
Your tuition fee covers the following:

  • 3 training sessions per week
  • 1 performance session bi-weekly
  • NYSWYSA Registration 
  • Player Pass and Insurance

DMS a la Carte Team Expenses


Each team will be meeting in early September to discuss possible tournament, indoor leagues and outdoor leagues that they would like to compete in.  It will be governed by a majority vote with input from the coaching staff and administration to discuss levels of competition so we are represented in a positive manner.  Each team will be accepted to participate in at least 3 tournaments and 1 league, but can add more based on the competitive nature of the team.

Once the tournament and leagues are chosen each player/family will be responsible for paying the costs of the tournament and leagues fee.  These fees will be broken into two payments with the 1st one being due on November 1st, 2016 and the second on February 1st, 2017.  If the fees are not paid the organization will not register the team until such fees are paid in full.  Once approved by DMS Head Coach and Administration each family will be billed for the following per event:

  • High-Level Tournament cost per - $100.00
  • Mid-Level Tournament cost per - $75.00
  • Champions League cost- $150.00
  • Spire Institute Indoor league cost - $150.00
  • Thruway League cost - $100.00
  • Uniform cost for new players ONLY - TBD

Potential Indoor , Outdoor League & Tournament Selections

MAPS Showcase



Capital Cup

Manhattan Cup

Pocono Cup

FC Delco

Jefferson Cup

Baltimore Mania

MAPS Challenge

Lakefront Classic

PA Classics

Spire Indoor League

Champions League

Thruway League

State Cup


DMS Registration for 2016-17