This warm up activity is called a 3 man weave, with an overlapping run.  

Coaching points:

  • Ball starts centrally and plays either right or left with a firm pass, central player than overlaps the outside player with a sprint.
  • Wide player takes a positive touch towards the middle of the field and plays ball wide changing the point of attack and then continuing run to overlap wide player.
  • Wide player takes a positive touch towards middle and changes the point of attack again and sprints to overlap.
  • These concepts will help young player move with and without the ball looking to create space for themselves and their teammates.







  • Ball starts on outside player, central players drives forward then checks.  The ball is played to from outside player to central player
  • Outside player follows pass, central player bumps ball "softly" and outside players passes ball outside again.
  • Central player then replaces the area of outside player.  New central player drives forward to take real estate.
  • Outside player than passes ball into central player and follows.  Central player bumps and outside player passes to outside player and drive centrally,
  • This repeats down the field.





3 Man weave, driving middle