Cycling ball from touch line to touch with a back 4 or even 4 in the midfield.

Coaching Points:

  • Ball starts in wide position which we will call Player A.  Player B, C and D should make an umbrella like shape, with proper spacing and balance
  • Player A plays to Player B front foot.  Player C and D start to open up their shape.
  • Player B plays to Player C front foot and Player D will open up to the opposite touchline.
  • Player C will pass the ball to Player D and he will take a positive touch to attack space.  Player D then will pull the ball back and will play the ball to Player C.
  • Player C will pass to B and Player B will pass to Player A back to where we started.  
  • Note:  the movement and constant shape, always facing at the goal you want to score on.  Try not to turn and face your own goal as you cannot see defenders coming to press.









Overlapping inside player to outside
Play the combination A, C, B D then D, B, C A.  This would mean you would have to bypass a player with a layoff or bump and then play ball wide again.